Invenio Fine Minerals specializes in offering exquisite natural works of art — fine mineral specimens discovered from around the world. We source our specimens directly from miners and dealers, ensuring the highest possible quality. Everyone can appreciate the beauty and significance of these geological wonders — holding a crystal that was formed millions of years ago while admiring its complexity and natural radiance is an unforgettable and transformative experience. It takes many hours of difficult work to discover, recover and prepare collectible mineral specimens — similar to creating a work of art. The specimens we offer have been purposefully curated to showcase their beauty, as well as their rarity, regional origins, and unique geology. Working together with a range of vetted miners, collectors and dealers — each with a vast amount of knowledge — allows us to impart a deep understanding and appreciation of these minerals to our clients. Invenio only sells natural specimens. Our aim is to provide high quality specimens regardless of price. We treat these pieces like the priceless artworks they are, and provide a certificate of authenticity for high-end specimens. Each piece is hand-packed and shipped with great care, ensuring the safe arrival of every purchase.

The Invenio website presents a thoughtfully curated selection of specimens — always with an emphasis on rarity and beauty. Invenio also offers daily sales on Instagram featuring specimens at very affordable prices. We are happy to work with you to find specific specimens within a desired budget — please don’t hesitate to contact us for assistance. Collecting is a journey, full of discovery, and as unique as the individual collector. It’s very possible that you live within close distance to a mine, quarry or claim that produces collectible minerals specimens. If you are new to mineral collecting, we would be delighted to help you learn more about — and acquire — specimens from your area. If you are a mineral dealer or miner — and have quality specimens to offer — we would love to hear from you.

Founded by brothers Will and Dustin Suitts in 2020, Invenio Fine Minerals is the culmination of fascination with these naturally occurring marvels, as well as a vested interest in art of all genres. “I have owned and operated an art gallery for more than a decade (Black Book Gallery) and the most rewarding aspect of my business is exposing collectors to new artists and art from around the world,” explains Will. “Dustin is an exceptional photographer,” Will continues, “His ​knowledge, coupled with my background in design and fine art, enable us to curate and present minerals with the elegance, sophistication and attention-to-detail that they deserve."